Matt Dingle's team-mates: The First XI gaffer spills the beans

In this, the first of our new 'Team-mates' feature, we asked First XI manager Matt Dingle to share his insight into the Watersfield FC changing room.

With the First XI making an exciting and promising start to the season, the gaffer was certainly in a playful mood as he revealed his best and worst of the the First XI squad:

Best trainer:

When he is there, Nick Watt. He shows the same energy as he does on the pitch, and expects 120% from every one of his team-mates.

But looking at it overall, I'd have to say Julian Ibarolla. Despite being one of the youngest members of the squad, he makes sure he turns up to every session and gives his all - a great example.


Well, this one's easy... me!

Hard man

Luke would love to have the title of 'Hard man' but it isn't him. Again, I'd have to say Nick. He's the one who you don't want to have running at you during the warm up!

Most skilful

There's a few for this one! Some of the youngsters in the Reserves have a few tricks up their sleeves, but looking at the First XI I'd have to say Steve Williamson. The lad has great feet, and can turn any defender inside out. We could have a whole episode of 'Showboat' about him.

Best dancer

After a few drinks, Charles Wratten loves a dance, but that doesn't mean he's the best dancer! The chairman and midfield maestro Ashley Clark is also up there, he can certainly throw some shapes, so I'll probably give this one to him.

Most intelligent

This is a tricky one, as we're hardly the brighest bunch! Brumwell-Clark looks intelligent, and Will Harrison went to private school, but I would probably go with our leading goalscorer Josh Killner. He went to university and I'm not sure many others in the team have a degree. I can certainly have an intellectual conversation with him.

Least intelligent

Another difficult one, as there are a few I could give the dunce cap to. I'd probably have to give it to Tommy Macari - He's great working with cars, hence his magical chant, but other than that I'm not sure he really knows what's going on!

Worst fashion sense

There are some unique styles within the group; Ashley CLark and Charles Wratten see themselves as trend-setters, but I'm not sure I can pick one for worst.

Biggest joker

Our changing room is filled with jokers! Watt and Clark love to wind everyone up, although Nick's banter verges on abuse most of the time. With that in mind, Ashley Clark wins it.

Future manager

Luke Sanderson will probably retire before Ashley Clark, but I don't see him going into management. I can certainly imagine Steve Williamson strutting up and own the sideline in a suit and tie!

... and finally, the longest in the shower is ...

Sanderson. He also has one of those towels with the hood and sleeves. It's up there with one of the worst things I've seen in the changing room... and that's saying something!

Stay tuned next week, as we turn our attention to Reserves manager Lance Trigwell!

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